30 July 2008


Finally, this has been what I’ve been truly waiting for; the Psalms set to modern music from Sovereign Grace music. Don’t get me wrong, I like and think much of modern praise and worship music and modern hymns too, as much of it is biblical and holds value. Likewise, there is much to be said for the “traditional” style of singing the Psalms.
However, modern praise music, sung in the 7-11 mode (7 verses repeated 11 times –a Derek Thomas term) is often just sentimentality and can lack deep biblical truth. The traditional style is often painful to sing with its odd word order and out-of–date tunes usually sung without the accompaniment of instruments (I’m not convinced of that argument, either). Hence I think these modern versions of the Psalms are a great improvement. Have a listen here and you can download the lyrics as well.


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tlharvey7 said...

this stuff is incredible!
i have hit a wall with some of my songwriting and i think that this
7 11 thing will help. thanks for the post.
btw...i am on youtube under "tlharvey7" if you want to hear my musings