11 July 2007

Westminster Wednesday

Wednesday is here again - what a fast week it's been. Here we go with #12...

Q: What special act of providence did God exercise toward man in the estate wherein he was created?
A: When God had created man, he entered into a covenant of life with him, upon condition of perfect obedience; forbidding him to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, upon the pain of death.

Here we begin to see the working of God's plan for us. Matthew Henry laid this out for us when he wrote:

1. Did God make man happy as well as holy? Yes: for he put him into the garden of Eden, Gen. 2:15. Did he provide comfortably for him? Yes: for he said, I will make him a help meet for him, Gen. 2:18. Did he admit him into communion with himself? Yes: for he then blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it, Gen. 2:3. Was God well pleased in him? Yes: for his delights were with the sons of men, Prov. 8: 31.
2. Did God give him a law? Yes: The Lord God commanded the man, Gen. 2:16. Did he give him a command of trial? Yes: Of the tree of knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it, Gen. 2:17. Did he assure him of happiness, if he obeyed? Yes: for of every tree in the garden (even the tree of life,) thou mayest freely eat, Gen. 2:16. Did he threaten death upon his disobedience? Yes: for in the day thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die, Gen. 2:17.
3. Was this God's covenant with Adam? Yes: for we read of those who, like Adam, transgressed the covenant, Hos. 6:7 (margin). Was, Do this and live, one branch of that covenant? Yes: for the man that doeth them, shall live, in them, Gal. 3:12. Was, Fail and die the other branch of the covenant? Yes: the soul that sinneth, it shall die, Ezek. 18:4. Was this the covenant of innocency? Yes: for the law was ot of faith, Gal 3:12. Was there a mediator of this covenant? No: for it is the better covenant that is established in the hands of a Mediator, Heb 8:6.

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